Recent good purchases!



Makeup headband; Use for putting on &removing makeup, washing face, face-masks, etc!


Air Vent Magnetic Car Mount Phone Holder; Awesome phone holder for the car. Simply put the magnet <that’s included> behind your phone case and then attach phone onto vent magnet every car ride. Bonus- its  2 pack! Put one in your hubs car too! Great for a hands free way to watch “Maps” when driving, and just staying hands-free while driving in general!


Ab Roller; Get ready to get your ABS kicked. See what I did there 😉 You will SO feel the burn and the soreness the next day. Start slow! I learned that the hard way 😉



Reusable produce bags; because California charges for bags now and these are AWESOME!


Reusable box grocery bags; These hold SOOOOOOOOOOO much!! Heavy duty. I get complements on these all the time! Come in a 3 pack so maybe get a set per car you own so you don’t have to worry about moving them from car to car 🙂

Gift ideas for the hubs


2-PACK Tenby Living Black Tie Rack, Organizer, Hanger, Holder


Sennheiser RS120 On-Ear Wireless RF Headphones with Charging Dock208030_1_1

Samsonite Classic Three Gusset Lg Toploader


Innova ITX9600 Heavy Duty Deluxe Inversion Therapy Table


Premium Beer Glasses by Taylor’d Milestones, 16 oz Stackable Set of 4


Spy Optic Dirk Polarized Wrap Sunglasses


Kenneth Cole New York Men’s KC3784 Bracelet Watch


Kenneth Cole New York Men’s KC3994 Transparency Classic See-Thru Dial Round Case Watch


Homedics QRM-400H Therapist Select Quad-Roller Shiatsu & Rolling Massaging Cushion with Heat


Caddy Bay Collection Classic Black Watch Case With Glass Clear Top Holds 10 Watches With Lock


Loris Azzaro Men’s Chrome


The Ultimate Single & Double Camping Hammocks


Shop-Vac 2030100 1.5-Gallon 2.0 Peak HP Wet Dry Vacuum




On-Location Window Tinting for a Car from Mobile Window Tint San Diego (54% Off)


Complete Mobile Detail for a Car or SUV at One of a Kind Auto Detailing (Up to 50% Off)



Some gift’s my kids have loved

Gift idea’s for Christmas….links are located below the pictures!


Little Cosmetics Pretend Makeup Signature Set



Minnie First Fashionista Erasable Activity Table Set



My First Umbrella Doll Stroller in Denim for Toddler



Official Nerf N-Strike Elite Series Tactical Vest



 Singing Machine SML283BK CDG Karaoke Player



Learning Resources Pretend & Play Calculator Cash Register



Official Nerf N-Strike Elite Series 100-Dart Refill



Little Tikes Super Chef Kitchen



Medical Kit Playset for Kids – Pretend Play Tools Toy Set



Mega Bloks Big Building Bag

Late night Rant

I just wanna live life, I just wanna have fun. I just wanna do things. And I definitely don’t want to do it based on everyone else’s option’s. Because it’s fuking exhausting, To pre-think what I am doing, before I do it…to think how everyone ELSE will think or feel about it?!! Ugh!!
I’m 29 and have been through more life-changing events than most people go through in their lifetime. FORREALS #andimnotgoingintodetail. The 45 year old’s see me as “young.” The 19 yr old’s call me “old.” <Literally. Have. Called. Me. Old.>And, at 29, This is what I know.

I want to color my hair pink. I want to get tattoo’s when I want them, and I want to do full-face makeup everyday, (scratch that, MOST DAYS) WHOCARES…. I want to workout and then wear skin-tight-stuff because I’ve worked my ass off. I want to look like like a bum on my days off. I want to clean my house like an OCD freak and then sometimes I want to get drunk because I’ve worked 3-12 hr days straight. WHOCARES. I want to talk about anxiety and post-pardum and not get judged. I DON’T want to talk about the election, but heaven forbid if I do, I don’t want to get deleted off stupid FB or cursed at. Sometimes I cuss. Sometimes I volunteer. Sometimes I take 5 naps a week. WHOCARES. Sometimes I have sleepovers at age 29. Sometimes I have the urge to take a dance class, or a singing class or a writing class. Sometimes I act stupid and silly because I wish I was a kid again with no worries and no responsibilities. What’s wrong with that? WHOCARES. Judging is officially on my last nerve. What is wrong with 2016? I officially label it “Year 2016; Walking on Eggshells”
You forget how many women I see a day and a month and even in a year…. as clientele. And trust me, you alllllll tell me your secrets, but tell no one else. But believe me when I tell you WE ARE ALL FEELING THE SAME WAY!! So let’s stop. The judging. AND FOR THE LOVE OF !! Some mom’s prefer breast and some prefer formula. GETOVERIT. They will be fine!#IHEARTHISALLTHETIME

And I want to listen to music and dance…. and watch trash TV and see my family and throw birthdayparties and go on a diet and then eat Mexican food. WHOCARES. Sometimes I let my son skip days on hmwk and sometimes we don’t even leave the house. Sometimes my daughter sneaks into our bed at night and I am okay with that. Sometimes I’m texting the whole time at the park with my kids. WHOCAREs. And sometimes I dress my daughter as a HOOTERSGIRL for Halloween. WHOCARES. I was a hooters girl at age 20 & that how I met my hubby. It was good money, a full time <and hard job> and I was fully clothed peeps, and 50percent of the clientele was family and kids!! If you haven’t been, GO. Its a normal resturaunt, NOT A STRIPCLUB, LOL (the ppl who haven’t been are scared to death of it!!)
“The age of judging,” <PLEASE>… will end in 2016. WHO IS WITH ME 🙂?!?

Sept Fav’s

Some new things I’ve tried and LOVE:


I LOVE LOVE LOVE this makeup spray. Spray it after a  full face of makeup to get that natural glisten and not-so-cakey look! (See above pic with the Mac spray used after applied makeup)

MAC Prep+Prime


Cellulite killer! Use on a regular basis but make sure to prepare for the burrrnnnn. It’s no joke, but great for summer when you are in shorts/dresses and bikini’s all day, everyday!

Hot Cream


Both great for just being  a woman. Digestive Advantage I take once a day as a sort of a probiotic (started 2 months ago and LOVE) and the Water Away I just started a week ago and can already tell I’m not so bloated all the time, my rings slip on so easy!

Digestive Advantage

Water Away


Legwarmers. Because it’s about to get cold and the accessories are the best part of winter. These were $5 each. FROM CHINA :/ SO THE SHIPPING TAKES WEEKS. But you can’t beat the price. Order now and they will be here in 3-5 weeks 🙂



I’ve had no eyebrows since I over-plucked in high school. Well, I have the first half of an eyebrow …but no last half. Some days I go without them altogether and other days I draw them on and then put on some foundation too, so I don’t just have drawn on eyebrows. Work days I wear a full face of makeup 🙂

MICROBLADING is a new-ish trend. It’s an eyebrow tattoo that IS SO NOT THE OLD- SCHOOL GREENISH COLORED ‘LINE EYEBROW’ ( YUCK).

Microbading looks like hair. And can I just say, it is CRAZYYY. I am so obsessed, I may look into learning it someday. It consists of 2 apts. The first, and then the follow up 6 weeks later. They measure your face, brows, nose, forehead… and then give you an eyebrow and arch that best frames your face. The first session will fade a lot, which is normal. The second session is a touch-up and you can also tweak the eyebrows now that you have had them a little while and know more of what you want. For example, my second appointment, I wanted mine thicker and longer and more square in the front. Also it’s common to go a bit darker than you want, because of the color fading.

As for pain, it does feel like small slivers with a knife, into your skin…. But it was not too bad for me. I also have other tattoo’s that I maybe compared it too, and also have had 2 kids, lol. The apt is 2hrs max. Take an ibeprofen &you will be fine.

This is my FIRST before and after:

13254583_281184155552925_8012471381069007636_n (1)

And this is after my second apt, touch up 🙂


I can now honestly say, that with eyebrows, I feel better not wearing makeup. The way she shaped them and measured them, actually opens up my face and evens out my cheeks/jaw.

Look into it!! It is not cheap, but you don’t need to go back for 1-2 years for a touch up. Also, think of all the time and makeup it will save you 🙂



If you are looking for decor on a budget, I suggest you look into wall decals, stencils or even freehand art. It sounds scary, I know. That’s why I went for something easy, and it had to be gender neutral because my son and daughter share a room. I found an awesome step by step tutorial online by another blogger, although I just used my kids paintbrushes and nothing fancy. Here are the steps I took, it really looks like a hot mess until it all ties together at the end. My husband was pleasantly surprised, lol .


I had to finish it off with a book corner. I’ve always wanted to make them one and FINALLY have the room to do so, now that the kids have bunk beds. The “tent” is actually a duvet cover I already had. I absolutely loved the pattern…. and we weren’t using it anyways. So, Yes, I had to cut one side of it. The lights are from a Christmas box, and the book-bins are $3 at Walmart. I swear I could buy 20 of those and find uses for all of them, they are amazing! I got the inspiration for this “book corner” from Pinterest. Or “Pintspiration” as I call it. I don’t know if that is a real thing or not, lol. Fill with lots of pillows and stuffed animals and BOOM, instant hit! My 2 year old is obsessed and spends a lot of time in there. My 6 yr old uses it to ready books before bed. I am so happy everything turned out so well, I absolutely love it!

Lilumia Makeup brush cleaner

YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve made a discovery…. and the world needs to know. For my fellow Makeup artist’s, or even for those of you makeup enthusiasts 😉

….you need to own this!!


What is the one thing you dread?! LoAtHe. Hate doing? AND PROBABLY DON’T DO ENOUGH!


As a MUA especially, this is something that I have to do




And it takes quite a while when you have as many makeup brushes as I do. I wonder how many hours of my life I have literally wasted washing makeup brushes.

WELLLPPP!! Picture this.

A Dish washer….for your makeup brushes.

Yes, they have finally invented it. And I bought it. The “Lilumia Makuep Brush Cleaner.” Comes in 4 different colors and runs about $170. They also make a makeup brush shampoo, which I got as well, but later on just swapped out for baby shampoo to save money. Which is, yes, a long used makeup artist secret, shh. <Babyshampoo>

The Lilumia Makeup brush cleaner has 4 cycles and is very easy to figure it out with the picture and step-by-step directions.  Took me literally 2 times and I had it down pat. It has one wash cycle and 3 rinse cycles. Takes about 15mins. You load the brushes, add water and soap and it does the rest. It even drains the water at the end which you just pour out. It can hold 12 brushes- although I squeeze more than that in there 😉

The amount of time this thing has saved me is incredible. Not to mention STRESS for when when I book a last minute bride or bridesmaid or event for the next day and have to rush home to clean and sanitize my entire makeup kit, make sure it’s restocked and THEN wash my brushes.#itslikeafullonprocess

BUT NOWWWWWWW , the brushes do themselves while I do other stuff.


I don’t think most people know how much bacteria makeup brushes hold and how often you should be washing them. Please get informed on this subject!!


As for the Lilumia, my favorite purchase EVERRRR, you can buy it here. They have a video on the website to show you how it works. Even my hubby was impressed and compliented me on the purchase….WHICH, trust me, NEVER HAPPENS!




Life is exhausting. It just is. When it ever gets easier or slows down, I do not know. Today I parked in a parking lot. A random one. For one reason. Why? Silence.

I had just worked a 9hr day. I was up at 550am with the kids. Caydence woke up 2 times last night {As per usual.} After work, I drove 20mins to pick up my kids from my mom’s house. They whined the entire 40mins back to our house. Last night we attended a wedding. I worked the whole morning before that. I was late to pick up my son. I did laundry in the spare hr I had in between work, getting Brayden from school and the wedding. I paid my son to do the dishes because I was just too exhausted to. The day before that, I worked 13hrs.

When I had picture my life growing up, I pictured: Big house, yard, dog, day job; 9-5, weekends off for sports, home with fam& hubs for dinner at 530pm every night. My best friends will have kids and we will hang out every weekend and they will play together. And we will all live in a cultasac together, duh.

But life gets complicated. Friends get married, they move, they work, they have families, they get busy.

And as for dinner as a family, sometimes you have to work opposite schedules for two years before you FINALLY start having a Wednesday off together (horray we made it baby!)

When you picture life when you are younger, you don’t think about who and how you are going to pay the bills. And how much the bills will freaking be. And you definitely don’t think of the EXHAUSTION. Oh the effing exhaustion.

So today, after getting my kids and heading home, I got to thinking about when my next chance will be to sit down and relax. In the midst of that, the kids were fighting over a water bottle in the backseat. A WATERBOTTLE! They finally started to close their eyes because of a long day at grandma’s house. I got excited about the thought of them falling asleep. Then I got worried, because it was only 6:15pm. “Would they stay asleep? Would I have to carry them each, up 3 stories into bed? Brayden is 50lb. 50lb!! THIGH BURN! If they sleep now, will they wake up at 4am? Or will they wake up when we get home? Will Caydence wake up crying and screaming? Would they not go to bed till 10pm now?!! Ugh I need a glass of wine. But I probably shouldn’t because I feel like I am getting sick.  Woah, my car is a mess. OMG I forgot that present for the birthday party tomorrow is still in my trunk. I cannot forget to wrap that! The dog has to go out when I go home, he hasn’t been out since 9am. the kids will want to go. Ugh. They will want to play and scooter and beg me to go to the park. No, I am too tired! BUT!! I have to fold that laundry when I get home, it’s been in the dryer for 2 days and I just keep hitting the button over and over. The kids need clean clothes for tomorrow. And NEW jackets. Should I stop by Target?  UGH,No…. then I will have to wake them up. AND it’s packed on a Sat night.”

So that, my friends, is why I pulled the car over in a parking lot. Because I was 2 mins away from the house, the kids were sleeping, and I just wanted to sit. And I just waned silence.

A day in the life of me. And every mom really. I know enough parents, moms, friends, and clients, to know we all go through it. Life, jobs, kids, exhaustion. And not just working moms. Stay-at-home-moms too. Which I consider MORE than working moms! I have done it before…. that shit is NOT easy. In fact, none of it is easy. And it doesn’t get easier, you just get better at it. So when in the midst of a overwhelming moment, like mine, remember,


I swear I need this tattooed on my forehead. I say this to myself, every day, many times a day. And it’s true, you just need to take a second to unplug, calm down, and UNDERWHELM yourself. Is that even a thing? Yes, yes it is.

Because when you a sitting in a parking lot with 2 sleeping kids in the back, you WILL look back at them and think “Omg, my cute little sleeping angels.”

And all of a sudden, everything is worth it.

So remember, JUST B R E A T H E.

And if you happen to, after all that, come home to DOG THROW UP all over the stairs. OPEN THE DAMN WINE!! And put some ’emergenC’ in there…just in case 😉


Some of my favorite things, April’16

12107042_252244411780233_785519491707729655_nPhysicians Formula eyeliner (felt black pen.) The best I’ve ever used!! Comparable to Kat Von D’s! And way cheaper. $9, look for UIta and Walgreen’s specials; buy one get 1 half off. Does not rub off, easy to make a sharp straight line as well as the cat eye. ALSO!! Has an eyelash growth serum in the eyeliner to help make lashes longer….. Although sometimes I will go days and days without makeup, and you HAVE TO be consistent for the growth serum to work. Growth serum or not, its my FAV!




Randomly decided to try this line for the sole fact that my husband is obsessed with the Burts Bee’s Chapstick. Actually love it. An all- natural line, which I am becoming more into the older I get.  Love the deep pore scrub. Only use once or twice a week, an exfoliant like that is too harsh to use everyday and the deep pore is meant to exfoliate dead skin so new skin can grow back.



Sally Hansen NO LIGHT NEEDED Gel Nail polish. Color as a bottom coat and the clear as a top. Wait 5 mins in between each. Once it dries it really does last. Doing hair all day and having my hands in a shampoo bowl, I went for a while with no nail polish because it just didnt seem worth it to have to re do the chipped worn off polish every 2 days. This lasts at least a week! And thats with my hands being wet constantly.  Lot’s of color’s to choose from, and looks like the gel finish! ANDDDDD it surprisingly comes off fast and easy with acetone nail polish, that is one of my peeves when I am there sitting there trying to get polish off for 10mins!!




A Wet Brush. Its 2016, you need to own one of these by now. $10. Just do it. I think we have 5 in my house. And one in my purse. They are the only thing my kids will let me brush their hair with. Everywhere sells them by now! Best wet hair detangler, glides through any and all hair without tugging and snagging. 12963453_823503857753594_6532055057220177494_n




No matter how many new tanner’s I end up trying, I always go back to this one. The newest ones, not pictured, are FIRMING as well. Two different shades to choose from, $9 from drugstores.  Gradual, streak-free tanner.  ODORLESS!  12985405_823503764420270_4512225437876865618_n






Best waterline! Stays all day and glides on easy. Enough said! Check amazon!







I have previously blogged a review on my at-home- microderm machine, Nubrilliance. Go check it out!









Crest White Strips. They work.  I’ve been using these since High school! And I only use them every few weeks. So they last a long time!!! I buy these ONLY twice a year, that’s it!!! And don’t be cheap and use the knock-off brands. I did that and they left a small white spot on my teeth. NO JOKE 😦 !!!!!!!!!!





Clarisonic!! A daily face cleaner. Removable heads that you switch out every few months. Different heads based on your skin type. SUCH A GREAT INVESTMENT FOR YOUR SKIN!! I cannot emphasize it enough! Also liking the all natural “YES TO” line. They have a huge selection to choose from. 12991020_823503844420262_1193213107493910175_n




Picked these up on a whip. They were having a Bare Minerals Chrismas sale. All of these colors in one set!!!! Can I just say!!! WOW!! SO PIGMENTED, GREAT COLORS! Very impressed. I have never used Bare Minerals lips before!